Online Appointment System

How to See a doctor

Phone lines are open at 8.00am to 6.00pm daily: 01535 273227.

A “Same Day Appointment” surgery is available Monday to Friday.

We aim to release 50% of our appointments one month in advance to enable patients to pre-book.

Telephone Appointments

We also operate a system of Telephone Appointments to make life more convenient. If it is necessary to see any patients as a result of the telephone consultation, the doctor will see you face to face later in the day.

We will never turn away anyone who needs to speak to a doctor regarding an urgent medical matter.  Appointments are held in reserve every day for such emergencies.

We aim to offer you an appointment with a GP within 48 hours and with a healthcare professional within 24 hours.

GP Appointments – Online Bookings

Online booking pilot

From Monday 18 Dec 2023, 10% of our on the day GP appointments will be available to book online via the NHS app or Systmonline. These appointments can be booked from 7.50am each day.

There will be telephone GP appts released in our morning clinics and Face-to-Face GP appointments in the afternoon clinics.

This initial pilot will be in place for 2 months.

Continuity of Care

Should a specific Doctor wish to see you after your initial appointment, they will give you a follow-up slip to give to the receptionist who will make your appointment for you.

Acute problems such as ear ache for example are usually dealt with by non specified clinicians.