Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will the way I order my medication change?

A) No, you will still need to request your medication either directly at the practice, on-line or via fax//post.

Q) If I don’t get a paper prescription any more, I won’t get a repeat order form so how do I request my next prescription?

A) The pharmacy will give you a repeat order form when they give you your medication.

Q) How long will my repeat prescription take?

A) Please allow 2 full working days for us to process and send repeat prescriptions. Prescriptions are not processed at the weekend.
N.B. If an update or review is needed please allow more time as the doctor may need to see you before issuing more medication.

Q) If my prescription is electronic, how will you know where it is?

A) There is an audit trail on the computer so we can see if it is still at the practice awaiting approval or has been sent electronically to the pharmacy.

Q) Can all medication be sent using this electronic system?
A) No. Certain medications, such as as controlled drugs, must still be prescribed in paper format at present.

Q) I have prescriptions for catheters sent by post to the appliance company. What will happen to these?

A) These can still be printed and sent by post or you may nominate a Designated Appliance Company to receive them electronically.

Q) The pharmacy currently orders and collects my paper prescriptions. Will these automatically be converted to electronic ones?

A) No. If you wish to change to electronic prescribing, you will need to nominate your chosen pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically. If you do not wish to change, then paper prescriptions will still be produced for collection.

Q) My paper prescription is currently sent automatically to the pharmacy. Will anything change?

A) If you have nominated your pharmacy to receive electronic prescriptions as well as paper ones, then your prescription will be sent to them electronically in future.

Q) I use different pharmacies depending on where I am. Is this service suitable for me?

A) This service is more suitable for people who use the same pharmacy all the time, however you may be able to request a different pharmacy as a ‘one-off’.

Q) I was using one pharmacy all the time but now I want to change to a different one. How do I do this?

A) You can change your nominated pharmacy either by informing the old or new pharmacy or by informing the practice (forms available at reception).

Q) I have started using the Electronic Prescribing Service but find it does not suit me. Can I go back to paper prescriptions?

A) Yes. Please inform your pharmacy.

Q) I have moved here from another area which was already using the Electronic Prescribing Service. Will my nominated pharmacy be changed automatically to a local one?

A) No. When you register with the practice we will remove the existing nomination to prevent prescriptions unintentionally being sent to a pharmacy which may be many miles away. Please choose a new pharmacy that is convenient for you and let them know